Have your Personal Laundry Assistant in your iPhone or iTouch!!! 

Have you ever ruined your favorite outfit that was clearly labeled “dry clean only?”  I have and I know how frustrating it is because many times you can’t wear them again.  Thus, before doing laundry, reading and understanding the care symbols and doing it properly are very important. 

iLaundry is simple, useful and the only application in iTunes Store that would guide us with the laundry care symbols.  Recognizing these symbols would not only help us to protect our favorite clothes but also may reduce our laundry bills by sending less for dry cleaning.  This application provides features like,

   1. 92 of Care symbols
   2. Care symbols by different regions such as America, Europe, Japan
   3. Description and Interpretation of the care symbols

For some symbols, press two symbols for the combined ones,

Sometimes, we are mistaken that these symbols must be universal codes, but the truth is these symbols vary little by little from different regions. Thus, this application will provide these symbols by different regions over the world.

Every cloth has its unique fabric characteristic.  Protect them by knowing the directions on the tags. 

<Additional Screen Shot 1>

<Additional Screen Shot 2>

<Additional Screen Shot 3>


2 Responses to “iLaundry”

  1. kkaibi Says:


    I Found Korean Symbol Pdf file.

    fix it, please.

    I love this app!

  2. Claudius Says:


    I really like your app but I think the 3d effect on the icon (when it is on the iphone) is to extreme.
    I think it would be better looking without the 3d effect, just plain.

    Best regards

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